The Premordial Eye: Photography And The Outer Boundaries

Erieta Attali

My interest in photography attempts to examine the close conjunction with cultural history as a means of exposing the slow process of man’s influence on nature. This is attempted in three directives: The exploration of light as a stimulus to the sensory apprehension of the natural and man-made environment in its entirety.

The comprehension of the intrinsic value of the fragment through a photograph, in the process of analyzing the landscape as a relationship of the past to the present.  The presence of both texture and stratification serving as a key to the interrelationship of time and space.

Texture inferring a material discourse on the surface of things but also a measure of decay in which time plays an important role, while stratification implying a hierarchy in the sequential process termed as “life” in a landscape, be it urban or natural.

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PhD phase

Barcelona 2013