High Resolution Architecture: Microstructures

Alisa Andrasek

Never before have designers had access to material resolution at the scale of dust, or algorithmic profiles of matter. Nor was artificial intelligence part of the creative and construction process, evolving at the accelerated pace of computational time. New scale of structures is revealed, microstructures capable of finer blending of material states, architectured through novel processes of physics simulation, bridging the gap between design and structural analytics. New way to design-search is via pattern recognition, assisted by machine learning. Micro-precision design engineered for the massive application scales, increasingly malleable, plastic and intricate, primed for super-performance and unseen aesthetics.

Full credit for the poster image:Wonderlab/UCL Bartlett/B-Pro March Architectural DesignResearch directed by Alisa AndrasekTutors: Alisa Andrasek, Daghan Cam, Andy LomasRobotics: Feng ZhouProject / Students: MORPHOCYTE / Zuardin Akbar, Yuwei