Framework as activator and condition for reviling cultural and ecological landscapes

Karin Helms

As a Landscape architect with scientific background ( phytosociologie) but as well fascinated by Arts, I would like to test how I understand ecologic dynamicsand how they contribute to create spaces conditions - new Landscapes. How this process used as a designer are also the way I teach, gives the condition for the next generation or gives conditions to create new teachings.
The formless physical and ecological conditions are the first conditions for me of a place but areas are in process and being created all the time with us or with out us, my role is to materialize , organize, connect, «cross fertilize » the space in a cohesive culturally created condition to form new landscapes whixch I name framework.
What are those conditions of a context, processes and what are the vectors to create future landscapes, future landscape architects?
The PhD will help me render visible and open up the concrete and abstract process.