Supervisor Training

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Supervisor Training (ST) is directed toward successful creative practice research supervision and provides training for two distinct cohorts: training for new supervisors, and reflective practice training for current and experienced supervisors.

    Supervisor Training (ST) comprises two full-day sessions offered annually. The sessions address methods and techniques of supervision for creative practice research at the different stages of doctoral research training. Potential and future supervisors, but also current supervisors,  are encouraged to attend these sessions with a focus on a comprehensive spectrum of supervision issues specific to design practice research, including advising candidates on writing a creative practice research proposal, describing past practice, guiding candidates in working with feedback and describing a community of practice, helping candidates develop techniques for identifying, capturing and documenting gaps and shifts in practice, assisting candidates in recognizing and describing the contribution to practice and preparing candidates for the PRS completion presentation and the examination.

    Supervisory Training (ST) is structured around feedback received at the PRS sessions and on the observations, concerns and issues raised by supervisors and candidates.  2013 supervisor training is developed within the framework set out through presentations by highly advanced and experienced supervisors.