Research Methods Training

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ADAPT-r Research Methods Training (RMT) is geared toward doctoral candidates and focuses on relevant methods and techniques of research with particular emphasis on explicating tacit knowledge, presentation, managing research and documentation. It aims to equip the candidate with knowledge of and ability in research strategies that will assist in developing successful research careers.

    Research Methods Training (RMT) is delivered in a two day seminar format and offers a participatory research training process, with an emphasis on seminar-based guided learning regarding particular areas of research, including research paradigms, the scope of research, techniques, skills and approaches. It stresses the ‘contribution to knowledge’ agenda with relation to design practice research and provides a forum in order to capture and reflect upon the methods of extracting the doctorate from the completed research.

Two module types or components are integral to Research Methods Training: The first type (‘Seminar 1’) is of particular relevance for the commencing phase of the doctorate, the second component (‘Seminar 2’) deals with conclusion aspects. Both module types complement each other and appear next to each other at the 2013 PRS: also new candidates are invited to engage with and reflect upon examination issues from early on. Seminar 2 seeks to then form a sound basis for successful completion; it focuses on the structure and intent of the completion documents, the exhibition and the presentation to examiners. The recommendation from the PRS panel to proceed to examination will indicate successful completion of all relevant Research Methods Training components.