Playful Tactics: Bricoleur Boxe and Curiosities

Sebastien Penfornis

The research process explores both implicitly and explicitly the notion of play as a tactical approach, in past and ongoing projects. Research could be evaluated as a possible case study, able to interrogate the various natures of the creative process (poiesis), as form of tacit knowledge.
Various explorations have been tested during the previous presentations and current practice, including collective and creative methods, playful techniques (collages, models, drawings) and public collective design workshops. Ongoing research aims to re-examine the concept of a cabinet of curiosities through a collection of tools and technics which belongs to a special design character : the bricoleur. Bricoleur boxe and curiosities proposes to unpack, juxtapose and relink techniques and contexts in order to make visible a specific and personal mesh about various modus operandi, in action within the evolutive context of Taktyk (Landscape + urbanism).