Performing Relational Design, Practice Research Helen & Hard

ADAPT-r, Siv Helene Stangeland

mental space 18.03.15

Helen & Hard is exploring a relational design; constellations of human, material, contextual resources, concepts and procedures which are responsive to feedback during the development while at the same time serving as a creative guideline to developing a substantial and unique project. What interest me are on one side the capacities we as architects perform in these design processes, and on the other side the different levels and properties of the design which are supporting these procedures of development.

Going through projects from different epochs I try to reveal the wider context in which they are conceived including the background of my partner and myself and how these constellations are unfolding and resonating in the projects as part of a design process.

In parallel Im exploring free hand drawing as a medium of becoming aware of my own reflective and creative process. As this work is giving new insights I have chosen to give it most attention and time in the last period.

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PhD phase

Ghent 2015