Performative Landscapes, Peculiar Ecosystems

Marti Franch Battlori

Since 1999, EMF has explored hybrid ways between ecological systems and cultural constructs in a wide range of situations, scales and geographies. Current research focus in positioning the ‘territories’ explored by EMF in relation to the current trends of the discipline.
Through dissecting past and current projects as think-maps, Franch attempts to unfold what are the driving forces that lead EMF’s mode of practice:
– (Re-)enabling frameworks: The acquaintance of landscape as a
living organism in state of permanent transience. The time grounded
design & the scales of time.
– Hybridized infrastructures: The claim of landscape as an
infrastructure offering symbiotic hybridations.
– ‘Terroir’: The scrutiny of ‘the little differences’ in the construction of
local idiosyncratic landscapes.
– Choreography: journey and confetti: The appreciation of the
experiential dimension in landscape design.
– Austerity: Tactics in the scale of means to maximize transformations.