Layering communities of practice

Ana Krec

Contributing authors: Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi

Being in-between Van Eyck, Matta Clark, Casagrande, William H. Whyte and Hertzberger. In-between phenomenon, non-places, urban acupunctures, socially catalytic interventions and buildings that are designed like cities.
“In-betweenness” refers to relations, objects, buildings, places, temporariness, impermanence and liquidity. It’s constant is in its variability. It is left open and ambiguous like modern urban space.

In this session I intend to explore various layers that have been inspiring or influencing SVET VMES – our architectural practice which grounds its design foundation in the “in-between” condition. I will be merging layers of collected images and past experiences with our communities of practice and chosen case studies.